Installing MySQL

Download MySQL 5.1 CE Essentials. (It should be the first link under “Windows Downloads.” If you aren’t running Windows… well, I suspect you know more about your Linux/Mac/Amiga machine than I do, so I leave that as an exercise to the enterprising reader.) Then, once you’ve downloaded it, run the MSI file.

Choose a “typical” install.

There will be some ads. Skip over them. Make sure that “Configure the MySQL server now” is checked. Chose “Detailed configuration.”

Then you’ll go through a set of pages asking you questions. Here are the answers:

  • Developer Machine
  • Non-Transactional Database Only
  • Decision Support (DSS)/OLAP
  • Continue on, using the defaults.

Either add a password or uncheck the box to alter security settings. (This will leave your root password blank.)

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